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Did Elmo have a crystal meth sex party?

The voice of Sesame Street‘s Elmo is facing shocking new sex allegations in a federal lawsuit.

Kevin Clash Elmo

The puppeteer who voiced the wildly popular Sesame Street character Elmo is facing shocking new allegations in a federal lawsuit — but he says the accusations are a bunch of bull.

Kevin Clash is named in four separate lawsuits claiming he had sexual relationships with the plaintiffs as teens, but the now-24-year-old Sheldon Stephens added a salacious little tidbit to his: Namely, that Clash plied him with drugs and that they had sex while the chauffeur watched.

“Clash was an adult male living a prominent public life centered around the entertainment of toddlers, while at the same time he was, in secret, preying on teenage boys to satisfy his depraved sexual interests,” the Stephens suit alleges.

“Clash smoked crystal meth while engaging in sexual activity with Sheldon,” the lawsuit said. “Clash also gave Sheldon ‘poppers’ as a sexual aide. While Clash had sexual contact with Sheldon, the chauffeur watched and masturbated.”

The two met when Stephens was 16 years old.

Calling the lawsuit “meritless and barred by the statute of limitations,” Clash’s lawyer Michael Berger told CNN, “Mr. Clash continues to deny any wrongdoing, and we intend to defend this case forcefully.”

Clash is asking for all of the suits to be thrown out as the six-year statute of limitations on civil cases of this type is already up. He resigned from his 28-year post at Sesame Street in November, but you’ll be hearing his voice coming from the red puppet through 2014 as filming through next season was already completed.

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