Jennifer Love Hewitt's boob joke: "I didn't mean it!"

Mar 19, 2013 at 7:10 p.m. ET

Jennifer Love Hewitt's hot bod may be one of a kind, but that doesn't mean she's getting her breasts insured! The hip-shaking actress explained that $5 million policy talk was all a joke while paying a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt happily talked about all things involving her enviable body and The Client List while paying a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday. It turns out the actress, seen here on her way to the show, was just joking about getting her breasts insured for $5 million!

"I was doing an interview and somebody said, 'Oh, all of these people are insuring their parts,'" Jennifer Love Hewitt said, explaining how the curious conversation even came up.

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"They were naming off all these different parts," the 34-year-old continued. "They were like, 'Would you insure the ladies?' And I said, 'No, I'm not going to.' They said, 'Well, how much would you do it for if you did?'"

"So, I just threw out a number trying to get them to move on, and the next thing you know, my brother's calling me and he's like, 'You're doing what?'"

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With that subject off her chest, Jennifer Love Hewitt went on to explain how she and Randy Jackson did some late-night research for her hot, steamy "I'm a Woman" video.

"When I said I was gonna do burlesque (in the video) he (Jackson) said, 'I know these great choreographers who do burlesque," she shared.

"Randy and I for, like, a month would go, at about 10 o'clock at night, to burlesque clubs… and hang out… and really seriously be like, 'That pelvic movement, that's gonna look good on my figure. That shimmy thing, no.'"

Somehow, the paparazzi never caught up to the peeping pair! She added, "No one wrote about it or saw us. I go to the cleaners and it’s like in those normal things people do. Randy Jackson and I were in burlesque clubs and nobody said a word. It was hysterical."

Need a look at the end result of all that research? Check out Jennifer Love Hewitt's "I'm a Woman" video:


Would Jennifer Love Hewitt be crazy or crazy smart to insure her body?

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