Kate Middleton’s uncle spills deets on royal relationship

The uncle of Kate Middleton is revealing insider secrets about the royal couple’s many stays at his infamous Ibiza getaway La Maison de Bang Bang.

Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge

Everyone has an “Uncle Gary:” likes to party, talks too much, acts like he’s decades younger than he is. Kate Middleton’s Uncle Gary just happens to be Gary Goldsmith, a self-made IT millionaire who was busted offering drugs and hookers to undercover reporters, and although he got his act together in time to be allowed to attend the royal wedding, he might be on the outs with the family again after a new interview with Hello! magazine.

Goldsmith told the mag all about several visits Will and Kate made to his infamous villa in Ibiza, La Maison de Bang Bang. While loyalists of the Duchess of Cambridge read with bated breath to see if her vacations also included hookers, drugs and lap dances, all were relieved to discover little more than mud baths and Will’s turn in the home’s DJ booth.

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“The house is very relaxing and it’s very, very secure. You’ve got walls all the way around so it’s very difficult for people to pry on you,” Goldsmith said, going on to describe the couple’s first trip to his fabulous getaway home in 2006. “We organized a whole itinerary for them, including going over to a neighboring island on a boat.”

“Back at the house a friend of mine was teaching William how to mix on the DJ decks and he performed to the whole family as they swam. So they all had the Ibiza experience from mud baths, to [nightclub] Pacha, to learning how to mix music.”

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Goldsmith also revealed that during the couple’s brief breakup in 2007, Kate headed to the tropical paradise to mend her broken heart.

“Kate was very low. [She was] spending a huge amount of time on the phone, walking around the pool. It’s a very relaxing place and it has a very nice vibe and you can hear the sea at night. So in some small way I just hope that being there helped [Kate].”

Luckily the couple reunited, and so far have lived happily ever after. So will Uncle Gary be invited to babysit Will and Kate’s little prince or princess?

“Would I play a part in the future monarch’s upbringing? Of course I would,” he said. “And it’s another young baby growing up to play with, which I’d love to be a part of.”

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