The Sapphires: Funnyman Chris O’Dowd sings!

In The Sapphires, which hits theaters March 22, Chris O’Dowd shows off his singing voice, proving that in addition to being a funnyman he also can be a sexy singing ladies’ man.

Chris O'Dowd

Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch is right, Mr. O’Dowd. He is a sexy singing machine in the movie The Sapphires. If anyone has ever “dowded” his talent, then this clip will give them a dose of his natural sweetness. In the scene below, the crutch he leans on is kind of endearing, too.

O’Dowd is certainly no crippled amateur as he performs a short opening act to introduce his talented four soul singers. We know Chris as the charming cop and love interest of Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids, and the guy competing for Megan Fox’s character’s attention in This is 40.

However, you may recognize him most recently from his role on HBO’s Girls. It seem like those sideburns and mustache are working wonders for him and the ladies. In The Sapphires we learn that America’s funny Irish man can also sing!

America had The Supremes, and back in 1968 Australia had The Sapphires. Based on a true story, Chris plays a talent scout who discovers four Aboriginal sisters gifted with soul singing. In a time of war, drugs, and political unrest his character Dave launches their undiscovered talent, making them a worldwide sensation. He flies them to Vietnam to entertain Americans, proving that the land down under has soul, too.

Chris can be seen on TV in Family Tree and also in the upcoming movies Calvary and Hippie Hippie Shake. Something tells me that we’ll be seeing more of his singing abilities. He’d be a great host for SNL and could even perform a comedy music video like Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg. After all, JT’s recent performance on SNL and his initiation into the Five-Timers Club proves that funny guys who can sing are a huge hit.

Catch The Sapphires in theaters March 22.

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