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Judge to Lindsay Lohan: You’re going to rehab!

Lindsay Lohan avoids jail but is ordered to go to rehab after copping a plea deal.

The Buzz – Lindsay Lohan is Late to Court, Again!
The actress is showing the public she doesn’t care much about this court case.

Judge James Dabney had some harsh words for Lindsay Lohan on Monday morning: Violate the terms of your plea deal and you’re going to jail. For real.

“This is it,” Dabney told the actress. “You violate your probation, and we’re not going to have discussions of putting you back on probation.”

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The warning came after Lohan and her legal team came to a plea agreement with Los Angeles county prosecutors. Lohan pleaded no contest to two misdemeanor charges stemming from a May 2012 car accident. In exchange, the actress must go to 90 days of “locked in” drug rehab, participate in 18 months of psychotherapy and two more years of probation. She also has to do community service, but Judge Dabney will allow her to complete that in New York.

The court appearance was relatively drama-free, with a tired-looking Lohan only speaking when asked a question directly by the judge.

However, her road to the courthouse was anything but drama-free. The actress showed up 40 minutes late for court after missing her Sunday night flight out of New York City. Instead, she had to hop on a private jet provided by energy drink company Mr. Pink.

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“Thanks Mr. Pink for the private jet see you all in a few hours in LA,” she tweeted early Monday.

But, she was still late — and full of glitter. An unknown bystander dropped handfuls of the sparkly stuff as she walked into court flanked by her lawyer, Mark Jay Heller.

Lohan still faces charges in New York stemming from her recent nightclub fight, but her attorney doesn’t expect her to be prosecuted in light of her new plea deal.

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Judge Dabney also had a bit of parting advice for the troubled actress.

“A suggestion — don’t drive,” Judge Dabney added.

Let’s hope she listens.

Tell us: Do you think Lindsay Lohan got off too easy with her plea deal?

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