The Bling Ring: Inside the minds of Hollywood-obsessed teens

Mar 18, 2013 at 2:48 p.m. ET

Find out what it's like to live like a celebrity even if it means breaking the law in The Bling Ring, out in limited release on June 14.

Emma Watson

Remember the excitement of TPing a house with toilet paper, ringing doorbells and running, and prank calling? These practical jokes seem practically harmless compared to the extremes teens will go to get a thrill in today's world.

Life is tough as a teenager, but life as a teenager in Hollywood is even tougher with all the pressures of what it takes to get noticed. Imagine what it would be like to be a young teen with access to the world of fame and fortune. Just like a kid in a candy store running around on a sugar high, teens can get addicted to the celebrity-driven culture. Any Twilight premiere or Justin Bieber concert shows us that they're an impressionable force. The Bling Ring portrays a group of teenagers so hungry for fame and fortune they break into celebrities' homes and steal their goodies for fun and games. Their obsession blurs the lines of the law — they believe they can use a shopping spree as a harmless excuse for breaking and entering and burglary.


Based on true events, Sofia Coppola's movie tells the story of the infamous Hollywood teenagers known as "The Bling Ring," who succeeded in acquiring fame through their crime sprees. Although it wasn't exactly the kind of fame they were looking for, they became famous enough to have their story told in a movie. Guilty of breaking into Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom and Rachel Bilson's homes, these crafty teenyboppers were able to steal more than $3 million dollars' worth of luxury goods. In the bigger picture, they represent one example of how our culture is obsessed with celebrities and brands.

As someone who has experienced the craziness of the celebrity culture in the worldwide phenomenon of the Harry Potter films, Emma Watson trades places as a famous actress to portray fame-hungry teen Nicki. Your favorite comedic actress in Judd Apatow's movies, Leslie Mann, also stars in the film along with Vera Farmiga's younger sister Taissa Farmiga. Probably the most pleasant surprise in the cast is Gavin Rossdale, who flexes his acting muscles as Ricky.

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Catch these teens in action June 14 in limited release.

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