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Jon Bon Jovi reveals the “worst phone call ever

Jon Bon Jovi is breaking his silence about the heroin overdose that almost cost his daughter her life.

Last year Jon Bon Jovi’s world was rocked when his daughter suffered a heroin overdose in a dorm room at her tony private college. Today 19-year-old Stephanie Bongiovi is on the mend, and the music industry vet has learned a valuable lesson: No one is immune to the dangers of drugs.

He opened up about the horrific incident on Friday’s edition of Katie. “Worst phone call ever,” he told Couric.

“She’s doing great and I appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers, [but] in short, that problem is much more prevalent… than I knew, and I cannot get over how many people I’ve met that have said, ‘My son, my daughter,'” Bon Jovi explained. “There is a lot of pressure on kids these days. There’s access to things my generation didn’t have.”

“I’m just blessed she’s healthy and whole, and we’ll get through it.”

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The rocker is currently on a short break from the Because We Can tour, which picks up again April 2 in Canada, and the band’s new album What About Now is full of compassionate, empowering songs — just the kind of thing his daughter needs to hear.

“I think that’s who we are. I think that’s who I am. I don’t make-believe with that messaging,” he told ABC News Radio. “And in truth, I’ve seen the general feeling of music really turn around dramatically [lately] and I see a lot more of it by a lot of other artists, you know: that kind of uplifting optimism.”

“And if that’s the case for the listener who finds that solace, I’ll accept it; but I’m not asking for that mantle. But I understand it, I get it — people find solace in music.”

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