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5 Finale follow-up questions for Girls, Season 2

Season 2 is over, so naturally we’re looking back instead of forward!

Lena Dunham is talented, but Girls may be a one-season wonder.

It’s no secret that we fostered a great deal of disdain for Girls’ second season. Heck, we wrote that the show should change its name and put more emphasis on the Boys.

But Season 2’s finale, which featured the romantic return of Adam and Hannah, confirmed what is now clearer than ever: Girls is a one-hit wonder.

I know, I know. I can hear the detractors already.

“It’s a fun show! If you want plot, go watch Breaking Bad or Mad Men.”

Lena Dunham is the voice of her generation — a true virtuoso!”

“Of course you don’t like Girls. You’re a guy!”

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Season 3 of Girls won’t be must-see-TV because it lacks the week-to-week intrigue. You could have predicted the makeups (Hannah and Adam; Marnie and Charlie) and breakups (Shoshanna and Ray; Jessa and Thomas-John) after two episodes. This year’s 10 episodes truly lacked plot — and most important — character development.

Far too much was left unanswered. So here are five burning questions we have about Season 2.

1) Would Adam really not know about FaceTime?

Adam makes like Zoolander trying to open a computer when Hannah calls him at the finale’s end. “Shiri (let’s assume he meant Siri), operate! Operate!” Adam then asks Hannah if what they’re talking on is “Facespace or whatever.” There’s no denying that Adam is one bizarre dude. But what’s crazier is trying to pretend there’s a 20-something living in New York City who doesn’t know about FaceTime. If Girls is supposed to be a microcosm of post-college life in the Big City, the show went too far out of its way to make Adam into a lovable luddite.

2) Is Girls still too vanilla?

Lena Dunham took a great deal of heat for Season 1’s lack of diversity. So right off the bat, the show introduces Sandy, Hannah’s new African-American boyfriend. Sandy got a quick hook, but not because he is black. Nope, Hannah dumped Sandy because he is a gun-loving Republican.

Marnie is the Forbid muse and won Charlie back.

Bringing in an African-American character, immediately at the start of the season, came off as an erroneous move by Dunham. It was too little, too soon. Even worse, though, is how far she tipped her hand with her political vibes.

3) How much is Charlie really worth?

Girls, from the beginning, thrived on the idea that its main characters were struggling to find their careers. There’s little development (surprise, surprise) in that department this season. Except for Charlie.
Out of nowhere, Marnie’s ex creates the hottest app — Forbid — a genius little invention that charges people for calling forbidden numbers. Marnie serves as Charlie’s muse, and the app scores him a uber-hip office and lots of cash. It also winds up bringing the college sweethearts back together in the finale.

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The Charlie-Marnie angle was actually one of the lone bright spots this season. But seriously, is it that easy to invent an app? Don’t you need some kind of programming background? And if you aren’t computer savvy, wouldn’t it take a ton of money to hire people to build the app? For Charlie, it apparently was that easy, which begs a follow-up question: Why hasn’t anyone invented this app in real life?!

4) Where did Jessa go?

Who knows. Who cares. Let’s hope she stays off the show for good.

Lena Dunham's success is a bad thing for Girls.

5) What’s the next step for Girls?

TV shows have a hard time staying fresh beyond a second season. Girls is already losing some of its edge. And the ending — Adam sweeping Hannah off her bed — leaves us wondering just how many more episodes we can take. Does the idea of seeing Hannah-Adam Round 2 sound appealing? Oh wait, that’s how Season 2 started!

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Moving forward, Girls‘ greatest asset is the fact that Lena Dunham is young, creative, and a hot ticket in Hollywood. The voice of her generation? Ehh…

We may be critical of the show’s lack of progression, but that doesn’t mean we’re knocking Dunham’s ability to multitask. She’s super-talented and is going to be in high-demand for many years. And that will be the ultimate undoing for Girls. The higher Dunham’s stock rises, the more her TV show is going to suffer.

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