New Girl spoilers: The guys talk about love

Mar 18, 2013 at 12:00 p.m. ET

The guys from New Girl told us all about what we can expect from their love lives.

New Girl

Okay, sure... The show is called New Girl and should focus mostly on Jess. But, in the almost two years since New Girl premiered, fans have found themselves equally attached to each of her super-cute roommates. At last weekend's PaleyFest, we had the chance to catch up with those roomies and found out what was ahead for each of them as Season 2 begins to wrap up.


Jake Johnson actually stayed pretty mum on what was ahead for Nick. It makes sense: Nick and Jess have all their fans waiting with bated breath to find out what will happen between the two quasi-friends. Johnson said he really enjoyed playing out the discovery and awkwardness between them, though. And it sounds like we shouldn't hold our breaths for resolution anytime soon.

"I think those two are finally starting to realize they have to explore what they have," Johnson told us on the Paley red carpet. "But I don't think they're ready to have an ending. I don't think they know what it is yet."

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Awww! We really want Jess and Nick to end up together. But we understand, too. Their uneasiness with their chemistry is definitely a major factor in the show's success!


When we last saw Schmidt (Max Greenfield), he looked absolutely crestfallen. Our favorite quirky and obsessive roommate watched as Cece, the girl he considered his soul mate, promised to spend forever with some other dude. One she hadn't even known very long! What will poor Schmidty do now? As it turns out, Greenfield told us that Schmidt has a possible new love on the horizon! This girl will be an old girlfriend from college (so, probably from his less svelte days) who will reappear. Can they find the same magic they had back then? Check out the video to find out who will play that ex-girlfriend and enjoy swooning over the funny and flirty Max Greenfield.


"Winston is a lover. I'm not going to tell you if he's good or bad," Lamorne Morris told us almost immediately.

While he wouldn't tell us how he and Winston compare in their prowess in the sack (at least not on camera), he spilled a few other things. For instance, we definitely know that Winston will get plenty more action. He's also "very creative" in the bedroom, which Morris told us he has in common with this character. On the list of things we might see from Winston (or Morris, if you're ever that lucky): arts and crafts, sonnets and costumes (of the Civil War variety, no less). What?! He told us Winston will stick with his new girl, Daisy, too. So, expect to see tons more of her! Morris also told us that Winston will be "very vocal" about his relationship with Nick and Jess. Apparently Winston isn't rooting for the couple to succeed!

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With all the awesomeness the boys unleashed on us, we're even more excited than usual for the rest of the season of New Girl, as well as Season 3! We can't wait to see how everything will shape up.

What do you hope to see on New Girl?

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