The Sing-Off renewed for fourth season!

Mar 15, 2013 at 3:22 p.m. ET

Meet Pentatonix... and prepare for another round of The Sing-Off!

The Sing-Off returns

Ahem! Glee enthusiasts and a cappella singers rejoice: Your favorite reality show/singing competition is finally returning! And soon(ish), too! After a year and a half off the air, NBC has finally decided to renew the almost cult favorite, The Sing-Off.

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Season 3 featured Nick Lachey as host and Sara Bareilles, Ben Folds and Boyz II Men's Shawn Stockman as judges. While the people who watch the show were excited about and obsessed with it, the third season drew in a less-than-excitable amount of viewership. That's why NBC had a hard time agreeing to bring it back and yet, didn't want to cancel it.

Now, however, seems like a great time to try again. After the blockbuster hit Pitch Perfect took various demographics by storm as it was a kind of mix between a musical and an American Pie-like comedy, it proved people were still interested in the vocal arts. It also helped that the winners from The Sing-Off's most recent season, Pentatonix, saw their debut album break the top 15 on Billboard's Top 200. Sweet!

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If you're not sure what, exactly, The Sing-Off is but are intrigued by the references to Glee and Pitch Perfect, here's the breakdown: The Sing-Off is a competition where a cappella groups perform against one another to take home $100,000 and a Sony recording contract. There's just one rule: No instruments except your voice. And if you think that sounds like a bunch of dorky barbershop music, you've got another thing coming! Check out this video from one of last year's performances:


You're curious now, aren't you?

We have no return date just yet, but they'll begin holding auditions on April 27 and will end on May 18. Auditions will be held in New York, Nashville, Chicago and Los Angeles. So if you have a singing group that knows how to get their vocal chords really vibrating, head on over to the audition site. If, like us, you know it's probably best to limit your singing to the shower and the car, just cross your fingers for the new season to start ASAP!

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