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Lindsay Lohan’s trial begins on Monday

It looks like Lindsay Lohan has run out of time. Her trial for her involvement in a June 2012 car crash begins on Monday.

Lindsay Lohan

Thursday was a tough day to be Lindsay Lohan. Not only was she criticized by pop superstar Justin Bieber on Instagram, but a last-ditch effort to keep the starlet out of jail has failed. Her long-awaited trial for her involvement and alleged lying about a June 2012 car crash is set to begin on March 18.

Lohan was offered a plea deal that would have kept her out of the slammer in exchange for 90 days at a locked rehab facility. It’s been reported that Lohan was adamant about not taking a plea deal because she felt she was innocent of any charges.

TMZ is now suggesting that prosecutors have reached the end of the road with the actress and they are ready to move forward with the trial. All plea negotiations have been terminated.

Her new lawyer, Mark Heller, who replaced her longtime attorney Shawn Chapman Holley, has not had an easy time since taking over the case. He is not a member of the California bar, so he has been schooled by the presiding judge over failing to study specific California state procedures that apply to this case.

Earlier in the month, Judge James Dabney told Heller, “Somebody needs to come to assist you who has some experience in California law or procedure or Miss Lohan is going to have to come in here to waive her right to have attorneys who are competent in California law and procedure to go forward.”

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Even the Liz & Dick star’s estranged father, Michael Lohan, has tried to intervene. TMZ discovered that Lindsay’s dad was trying to bring a California attorney onto the case. David Wohl is reportedly helping Heller behind the scenes, but Wohl has not been approved by the troubled actress.

Michael has asked this new lawyer to appear at the start of the trial on Monday. It will be interesting to see how this plays out — and whether Lohan manages to avoid jail this time around.

It’s a slippery slope, and the actress just might have run out of chances.


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