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Katy Perry signs on to write autobiography

Katy Perry has had an interesting life, and her fans probably want all the inside info. But the point of the book may be more of a preemptive strike against her ex than it is wanting to share her life.

The Buzz – Katy Perry Signs 2 Million Dollar Book Deal
The sexy singer agreed to write a autobiography on her life.

We have seen Katy Perry’s life through film, and now it looks like she’ll be sharing all about herself through the written word as well. Perry has reportedly signed on to write a tell-all book about her marriage to comedian Russell Brand. The book will may be more of an autobiography than a tell-all, though.

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The 27-year-old singer was married to the 37-year-old Brit for only 14 months, and Brand was the one who filed for divorce from Perry, citing “irreconcilable differences.” According to Yahoo!, Brand said Perry partied too much and felt the marriage wasn’t working because of their “hectic work schedules.” The move on Perry’s party to write the book may be to protect herself against a book Brand is already writing.

“Russell has written two books about his life already and it is rumored he is actively at work on a third tome, which discusses his relationship with Katy,” said Yahoo!.

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But Perry’s book won’t only be about Brand. According to MTV UK, the multi-million-dollar deal will be about her whole life, including her current relationship with John Mayer. It will also share the same name as her movie, Part of Me.

“Several publishers have been after Katy for a while,” a source told British newspaper The Sun, according to MTV. “She decided to go ahead so fans don’t have a one-sided story when Russell publishes another Booky Wook.”

Brand and Perry began dating in the summer of 2009 and were married in India in October 2010. Perry said she received the divorce papers at the end of the year 2011.

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She seems to be doing well in her current relationship while Brand seems to be the wild one these days. Rumors were he ended the marriage because she wasn’t ready to have kids, but he doesn’t seem to be getting himself any closer to that goal.

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