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After Earth: Will and Jaden Smith survive together

Will Smith and his son, Jaden, take us on a futuristic journey where Earth and fear are the enemies. After Earth transports us into the future June 7.

Will Smith and Jaden Smith

Will Smith and Jaden star as father and son once again on the big screen in the soon-to-be-released summer sci-fi adventure After Earth. It was back in 2006 when we were touched by the heart-to-heart moments between their characters, Chris and Christopher, in The Pursuit of Happiness.

In another story of survival, Will’s character, Cypher, and Jaden‘s character, Kitai, are the only survivors of a crash landing on a deserted Earth. Just as Jaden has grown up before our eyes in movies, his character Kitai learns how to be a courageous young man.

A thousand years after humans left Earth, everything has evolved into an effective predator. Cypher and Kitai struggle to survive, battling threatening animals, including large gorilla-like monkeys. Earth is also misbehaving like a teenager, suffering extremes of high and low temperatures, the implication being that global warming is affecting our planet.

However, Kitai learns from his father that the biggest enemy he will face is fear itself. Cypher teaches his son that fear is not real and that it is only a product of thoughts. The only real threat is danger, while fear is a choice. In this clip, we learn how to survive on the same planet that gave us life.

The latest brainchild of M. Night Shyamalan,  After Earth portrays our world as a giant metaphor. Unlike the imagined enemies of Shyamalan’s other sci-fi films, evil in this movie is created by humans. We are all afraid of death and losing someone. There are monsters everywhere we go, but our fears are our greatest enemies. Our superhuman power is courage and the ability to trust in the good.

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Will and Jaden are an adorable heroic team in the survival tales they’ve acted in. They show us how to stick together and fight as a family in an unstable world. The difference between this movie and The Pursuit of Happiness is that poverty is not the threat to survival here; rather we are our own obstacle.

After Earth lands into theaters and IMAX June 7.

What are your biggest fears? What would it take to face them?

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