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Ryan Reynolds & Emma Stone talk biggest fears, best trips

Ryan and Emma teamed up for The Croods, their first animated movie, and SheKnows caught up with the funny twosome to chat about conquering their own fears.

Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone star together in the new animated film The Croods about a prehistoric cave family that is forced to face the world and their fears.

We sat down with the comedic duo in NYC to talk about their characters. “I can relate to Eep wanting to forge her own path and go her own way,” Emma told us.

Speaking of making your own way, Ryan dished about a major adventure he recently took. “I once did a motorcycle trip across Australia,” he shared. “And I would sleep on the ground… dumb idea. I got bitten by a weird spider and got a weird-looking infection in my leg.”

Emma didn’t have any crazy trip stories, but she did confess what she’s most scared of: needles. “Anytime I’ve had to get my blood drawn, I’ve overcome a full-blown panic attack,” she said. “These are some first world problems… terrified of getting my blood drawn at the doctor’s office!”

The Croods hits theaters on Friday, March 22. Check out the clip to see the co-stars crack each other up, talk about Canada and much more!

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