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Taylor Swift parties like she’s “22

Taylor Swift is ready to party like it’s 2012 and she’s still 22.

Taylor Swift is a party animal

There is absolutely nothing “country” about Taylor Swift‘s new single “22.” That actually seems to be the case with her entire new album Red. But you know what? We don’t care. Who says a girl can’t change her mind and decide to be a pop princess instead of a country sweetheart?

As a matter of fact, if T-Swizzle permanently replaced the prop banjo with the heart-shaped sunglasses and super sparkly pompoms from her new video, that would make us pretty happy. However, since we have no idea if this wild side will last or if it’s just a phase she went through a few months ago (back when she was 22), we’ll just take what we can get and party on.

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Party with us! Watch Taylor Swift’s music video for “22”:

This video legitimately has everything we need to have a great night… even if some of us are just a smidgeon older than the a-dork-able songstress. Birthday cake for seemingly no reason? Yes, please. BFFs? We miss ours. A chance to choreograph some goofy dance moves with said BFFs? Those were some good old days that we should definitely rehash. Hot, hot boys who are bad, bad news? Giiiiirl, even when you’re twice TayTay’s age, you’re still going to have a soft spot for boys like that. Glitter Confetti? This is definitely what last weekend’s wine tasting needed to amp up the fun factor.

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And, finally: We seriously can’t remember the last time we jumped into a pool with our clothes on! It’s time for SheKnows to invest in a rooftop pool so we can fulfill our dreams of spending every Friday after work pretending to be (sing it with us) twenty-two-oo-oo!

Until the pool is installed and we can find glitter cannon distributors, we’ll just have to live vicariously through Swift by watching the “22” music video all. day. long.

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Taylor Swift's Boyfriend shuffle

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