The Hangover Part III trailer: Back in Vegas… with giraffes?

Get ready for another crazy hangover. The Hangover Part III is opening Memorial Day.

The Hangover Part III

Wolf pack followers will have one more chance to savor the endorphins from all the laughter that ensues when watching The Hangover Part III. The third and final movie of this epic comedy trilogy winds down this summer, sans wedding and bachelor parties. This time it’s just good ol’ pure Sin City fun as they once again release the pent-up animal within.

In this opening clip we learn that Zach Galifianakis’s character Alan is able to hit the high notes singing Ave Maria at his father’s funeral. Funerals aren’t a laughing matter, but the funny thing is that his voice is actually really good! As the crew heads back to Vegas the absurdities unfold, including Alan’s purchase of a giraffe. Is it just me or does it seem like Zach’s characters are always featured with some kind of animal or baby? Is it because he is typecast as cute and cuddly? The party crew heads to Vegas to forget their worries and the rest is history. As they say, What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” and what happens in The Hangover stays in The Hangover Part III. There are a few added laughs with Megan McCarthy and John Goodman joining the cast along with your obvious favorites. When I mean favorites, I would like to emphasize Bradley Cooper. In this sneak peek, Melissa and Zach’s characters make suckers look sexy. I’m also pretty sure we see Mr. Chow smuggle Crystal, the monkey who plays herself, in a pillow. Vegas is sounding more like a circus or a zoo.

What’s the moral of the story in all of these hangover movies? Let bygones be bygones? Live it up? It’s perfectly acceptable to act like an animal in Vegas? We wanna hear your thoughts. What are some of your fondest Vegas memories? Have you ever had anything crazy happen to you while in Sin City?

Get hungover for the release of The Hangover Part III when it hits theaters on Memorial Day.

Photo credit: Warner Bros.