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Smash recap: Karen gives her heart

The group becomes divided and Karen and Derek are forced to choose between Bombshell and Hit List. When Derek quits, an unexpected director arises in his place.

Ivy out shines Terry

This week on Smash, things get complicated as Karen (Katharine McPhee) is torn between two shows. There’s Hit List, which the fella she’s crushing on is putting together, and Bombshell, the show that could make her a star. Guys come and go, but Broadway fame lasts forever. Which one will she choose?

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The problem, at least according to Julia (Debra Messing) and Derek (Jack Davenport), is that Eileen (Anjelica Huston) has chosen the wrong version of Bombshell. She chose Tom and Jerry’s favorite version — the over-the-top, expensive one instead of Julia’s deeply written book, which has better music. The argument is that the original version will fill the seats for years to come. But, Julia’s version is arguably more artistic. Either way, there’s still a lot of work to be done.

Jerry tells Karen that she cannot participate in Hit List because she belongs to Bombshell. So, not only does she have to ditch the musical she’s passionate about six hours before they are supposed to perform at the prestigious Fringe Festival, but that also puts her on the outs with the dude she’s into (even though he thinks she’s dating Derek, but that’s a different story).

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Karen sings Tom and Julia’s song, “Never Give all the Heart” (pretty fitting for this episode). It’s beautiful, but Jerry thinks it’s too intellectual for this show. I feel like audiences should be offended by producers at this point. We’re intellectual! We can keep up! Tom tries a dumbed down version of the song and Derek hates it, so he gives a brilliant Derek-esque speech and calls it quits.

The Bombshell crew also found out that Ellis and Jerry were in on this plan to take over the show together. After Derek bails, the rest of the clan comes together and decides that Tom should be the director of the show. Of course! Especially since they’re going with his version and it was ultimately his vision to begin with. But, what will become of Derek?


Karen snuck off to perform the second half of Hit List at the Fringe Festival while Derek watched in the background. This is clearly his next project, and with his backing, Jimmy’s skills and Karen’s voice, this show is bound to be a success.

Will both shows be able to succeed or will the competition destroy them?

Let’s not forget that poor Ivy is stuck performing with the wildly funny and insanely insecure Terry (Sean Hayes) in Dangerous Liaisons. After an exceptional performance, Terry actually has the nerve to lecture Ivy and tell her she has to dial down her comedy so she’s not funnier than him. Oh poor girl can’t seem to land the right role. Maybe that’s karma for sleeping with Karen’s fiance? I think she’s suffered enough and is worthy of a win by now!

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