Music review: Sabrina Antoinette “I Know You’re Out There

This Italian-blooded Texan walks with sass and sings with sweetness in her headlining single “I Know You’re Out There.”

Sabrina Antoinette

How many famous “Antoinettes” do you know?

Not many, I’d bet.

Sorry to say it, but being associated with the queen of France means you have some big shoes to fill and some corny jokes to endure (case in point). Whether it’s Marie Antoinette or Sabrina Antoinette, both can be known for remarkable fashion sense and strong personalities. But where does she fall as an artist?

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While her PR statement labels her as indie-pop/rock, let’s call her what she is so far: Just straight up pop. She’s got the sass of rock and the style of a hipster (maybe), but if this single is her baseline, she’s a solid pop musician.

And, as we all know, pop charts are easy to appear on, but hard to maintain a footing in, so I’m anxious to see where she stacks up with this release. Because if she fails to impress, it’s likely she would face the same curse as some other talented girls in her genre like Paula DeAnda (where did she go? She was so good?!), JoJo or Kristinia DeBarge — that seem to have disappeared.

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However, I am happy to report she has something special about her. She’s got this peculiarity about her voice, and readers, I can’t wait until you hear it. It’s not grandiose or epic, but it has this effortlessness —  transitioning from wise and soulful to innocent and fresh in one breath. It’s almost unnoticeable if you aren’t searching for it. Her voice is clean, void of trills and frills. She’s got universal appeal, too, since she sounds California bubbly, but looks New York sexy.

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Though this was zero incentive for me, because I am not a fan of his, Chris Brown is featured in the music video. While I am obviously a fan of Sabrina so far, in this video she does look a bit like Tails from Sonic and the Hedgehog (in the hottest way possible!). Watch it below and share what you think! If you fancy her enough, she’s currently on a West Coast tour, so keep an eye out for that.

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