Jennifer Love Hewitt: My boobs are expensive!

Mar 11, 2013 at 5:59 p.m. ET

The Client List's Jennifer Love Hewitt gets asked about insuring her most popular asset, her boobs. She responds with a very expensive answer.


Insuring body parts is nothing new in Hollywood. It was reported that former Entertainment Tonight host Mary Hart insured her legs at the height of her fame for a $1 million apiece and Jennifer Lopez insured her most famous asset, that JLo booty.

So, naturally, USA Today decided to pose an interesting question to actress Jennifer Love Hewitt about her most famous feature. They asked, "Would you ever insure your breasts?"

The Client List actress responded with a smile, "I need like an insurance invitation. If somebody was like, 'Hey, you know what? We would like to insure your boobs for $2.5 million,' I'd be like, 'Do it.' Love it! Why not?"

She also added with a good-natured laugh, "Yeah, these things right here are worth 5 mil."

Hewitt is currently promoting the latest season of her Lifetime show and she recently spoke with SheKnows about the "saucy" season.

The 34-year-old shared with SheKnows, "We just felt like it wasn’t fair for guys to be the only ones having their fantasies answered, so we brought on a steamy guy to make the women happy. Women are actually more aggressive in that department.”

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With that sexy spoiler and the fact that Hewitt is also working on the show behind the scenes as a director, this season of The Client List is going to be a must-see for TV fans.

Even her grandmother loves the show about a single mom by day, erotic masseuse by night.

Hewitt told the USA Today, "My grandmother loves to call me the TV ho. She thinks it's hysterical, and it's so disturbing because she's my 86-year-old grandmother and she says it really loud. So I'm like, 'Grandma, not so loud and in public,' and she's like, 'I love that you're my little TV ho.'"

Season 2 of The Client List premiered on Lifetime on Sunday.

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