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Harry Styles gets a huge stomach tattoo

One Direction singer Harry Styles is trying to outdo Justin Bieber in the random tattoo department. We think Styles has the Bieb outdone, though: He just got a huge butterfly tattoo on his stomach. Awesome or yucky?

Harry Styles

Harry Styles already has about 30 tattoos, but he apparently decided to add another one to his menagerie. The 19-year-old One Direction heartthrob posted a photo to his Instagram account that shows a nude torso with a giant butterfly tattoo across the upper abs.

He didn’t give any context for the photo, but some eagle-eyed 1D fans are adamant that it’s a photo of Styles.

To each their own, but this tattoo seems sort of random. Then again, his other tattoos — including a Green Bay Packers logo, a padlock and the quote “that I can’t” — are pretty random, too.

Our question: Are huge tattoos like this really a turn-on? Sure, many women love tattoos on guys, but we’d be pretty upset if our guys just randomly showed up with a huge butterfly tattoo.

We wonder how his new girlfriend — reportedly an Irish woman named Shaniece Nesbitt — feels about his ink. According to the U.K. tabloid Sun, Styles spotted the “Megan Fox lookalike” in the audience and instructed his bodyguards to get her number. She later went to party with them.

“There were about six people partying with Harry and Shaniece back at the hotel but he only had eyes for her,” a source told the Sun. “He was fixated on the fact she looked like Megan Fox and they spent hours flirting. She didn’t go up to his room or sleep with him that night but Harry has kept in touch since and been texting her.”

Now, she’s incurring the wrath of hormonal One Direction fans. Nesbitt reportedly deleted her Facebook and Twitter accounts after she received a few death threats and questions about whether or not she had bedded the singer.

“I did no such thing,” Nesbitt wrote on Facebook, according to the tabloid.

Maybe because she saw his giant butterfly tattoo?

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