Zoe Jarman talks Mindy Kaling as a boss

Zoe Jarman opens up about having Mindy Kaling as a boss and the beautiful birthday gift she received.

Zoe Jarman

It’s not always easy to get along with your boss, but maybe when your boss is funny girl Mindy Kaling it’s a little easier. SheKnows recently caught up with The Mindy Project star Zoe Jarman who opened up about Mindy and working on the sitcom.

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From what Zoe says, Mindy sounds like a fantastic boss. First off, Mindy gave her a beautiful Z-shaped necklace as a birthday gift. We like bosses that give gifts. We like pretty much anyone who gives gifts.

More important than jewelry, however, is the way Mindy conducts herself. “She’s incredibly intelligent, powerful, so thoughtful.” Zoe told SheKnows. “She has this great energy. She expresses herself so well. She feels like an authoritative figure, but she’s also so kind… She’s a cool boss.” Well, that just makes us love Mindy even more.

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So what can we expect from Betsy this season? Is she going to get darker or wilder? “Yeah, actually, there’s a little bit of that toward the end of the season. Which is really fun. I like doing that weirder, darker stuff. There has to be a flip side to someone who’s up all the time… You will find out some things that you didn’t know.”

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It sounds like Zoe has a lot to look forward to. She’s working with an incredibly talented and wonderful boss, getting to explore her character’s dark side and might have a love interest next season. We’re excited to see what happens!

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