Revenge recap: Jack can't handle the truth

Mar 11, 2013 at 12:33 p.m. ET

Jack learns the truth about Amanda's death and begins to plot his own revenge mission against the Greysons. Also, a blast from Emily's past could cause more trouble in the Hamptons.

Emily tells Jack about Amanda's death

This week's episode of Revenge was a tearjerker. Not only does Emily (Emily VanCamp) have to deal with the loss of her best friend, but she has to tell Jack (Nick Wechsler) that his wife isn't coming back. Heartbreaking.

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Jack gets the news in his hospital bed and immediately after he does Conrad shows up to offer his condolences. And his money. He doesn't know that Jack knows about the computer and the Greysons involvement with David Clarke's murder. Instead, Conrad tries to sweet talk him and become a shoulder to lean on in his dark time. How low can Conrad go?

As soon as Jack returns home he goes on the hunt to find that computer. He's on his own revenge mission now. Even though he feels like he couldn't trust Amanda, all he wants is to find a way to make Conrad pay for her death. What he does find, however, is a little more hurtful than he bargained for.

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Jack finds letters that reveal (some) of the truth about Amanda and Emily's relationship. He learns that they practically grew up together, were like sisters, and that Emily also did time in the detention center. He draws his own conclusion that Emily knew what Amanda was up to with the Greysons (but not that Emily is the one who put her up to it). He's furious, feels betrayed and even more devastated to learn that his friend lied to him and would put his wife in harm's way.

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At Amanda's funeral, Emily gives a beautiful eulogy and she is tempted to tell Jack the full truth. Nolan tells her not to. He wouldn't be able to handle it right now. He's probably right, but when Jack does find out, he'll never forgive her.

A surprise guest shows up after the funeral that could mean trouble for Amanda. Amanda Clarke's brother from one of the homes she lived in heard about her death and made his way to the Hamptons. From the preview of next week's episode he just seems to know that Emily Thorne is the real Amanda Clarke.

So many lies, deaths and coverups. Is Emily's revenge plan really worth it?

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