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The Walking Dead recap: Rick and The Governor face off

Rick and The Governor finally come face to face to talk and the result could be the death of an important person.

The group prepares for war

With a little help from Andrea (Laurie Holden), Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and The Governor have a civilized meeting where they share a glass of whisky and decide if they will continue to murder each other. There isn’t a happy ending to this one.

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The Governor talks a lot about life in his usual wise/condescending manner while Rick does his normal silent head tilt and staredown. We were able to learn some valuable info about The Governor as he opened up about the death of his wife. It was a great speech about getting the phone call that she had been in an accident (this was obviously before the zombie apocalypse). He told it so well it was almost easy to feel some sympathy for the manipulative dictator.

While the men weren’t able to come to a truce at this meeting, an offer was put on the table. All The Governor says he wants is for Rick to hand over Michonne (Danai Gurira) so he can get revenge for his eye (which looks kinda cool if you ask me). If Rick gives her up willingly, then all the violence will stop and his people will live. One life to save them all. It sounds like a fair trade.

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Back at the prison Rick tells the group that they need to prepare to go to war, but leaves out the part about Michonne. He does, however, confide in Hershel. He says he wants Hershel to talk him out of it because he’s really leaning toward handing her over. She’s earned her way into the group now, but can you risk everyone’s lives just to save hers?

Also, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Glenn (Steven Yeun) finally make up and have a super spicy sex scene. Definitely the steamiest love scene on The Walking Dead so far. Andrea finally gets a clue that The Governor isn’t all he’s cracked up to be when she hears a little bit about what he did to Maggie. But she still has no idea how bad he really is.

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I hope she figures it out quickly because we don’t need another Lori on our hands. Fans are already starting to chatter about killing her off if she doesn’t stop this nonsense.

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