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Colin Farrell did a lot of Spinning for Dead Man Down

Colin Farrell talks to SheKnows about his prep for his new movie, Dead Man Down, and what was so beautiful about filming on the Philadelphia waterfront.

Colin Farrell didn’t have to draw from personal experience to play an assassin in Dead Man Down — and he’s quite happy about that.

“His experience is incredibly extreme, and I can gladly say I don’t have that much of a drawing line between what he’s been through and what I’ve been through in my life,” he told SheKnows of playing Victor, a man seeking revenge for the death of his wife and daughter. “Fortunately.”

Well, that’s why they call it acting, right?

The Irish actor did do “loads of Spinning and lifting weights” to get in physical shape for the role, but he approached the character by thinking about what was in the scorned man’s mind.

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“I imagined Victor as somebody who kept himself — his body — incredibly clean,” Farrell said. “Someone who is very well-read and smarter than he let on to the gang. He would shun any pleasure or any joy in his life.”

Farrell added that filming in an old Navy hangar was quite serious but that the area outside the hangar where their trailers were — an area they dubbed Trailerland — was a lot of fun.

“We were right on the water in this hangar,” Farrell said of filming in Philadelphia. “When you went outside, that’s where we had our trailers. Noomi’s trailer door was always open, and she had French music playing, and my door was always open.”

In the middle was a firepit, and they’d all gather to hang out and listen to music.

“It was really quite lovely,” he recalled. “But then, when you opened the heavy metal door [in the hangar], the mood was kinda serious.”

So, what does he hope viewers will take away from the film?

“I hope that they don’t want their money back,” he joked.

Don’t think that’ll happen, Colin!

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