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Noomi Rapace in Dead Man Down: Revenge isn’t always sweet

Swedish actress Noomi Rapace re-teams with her Girl With the Dragon Tattoo director Niels Arden Oplev for the dark film Dead Man Down. Find out what Rapace learned about revenge while making the film.

Noomi Rapace plays a girl with a mission in Dead Man Down. She blackmails her assassin neighbor, Victor (Colin Farrell), to kill the man responsible for her awful facial scars. But ultimately, Rapace’s Beatrice finds that avenging her past doesn’t make her life any better than it was before.

“I think that the message behind this movie is that revenge — and avenging people — it won’t make anything easier,” Rapace told SheKnows in a recent interview. “It’s not going to make anything better. It’s not going to give you that salvation.”

The film isn’t all dark, though. Rapace added that it also gives viewers a good lesson about living your best life, no matter the circumstances.

“It’s never too late to kind of go back and live again… to dream again… even though you think everything is destroyed,” she continued. “I think it’s a beautiful message.”

Deep meanings aside, we had to know what it’s like working with the Irish bad boy Farrell. Well, he’s not such a bad boy anymore.

“I loved working with him. He’s an amazing person,” Rapace told us. “So down to earth, so funny. [He’s] very passionate and hardworking.”

And their chemistry is obvious in Dead Man Down, which is in theaters now.

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