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Original Transformers star making a cameo in sequel?

Will a familiar face appear in next year’s Transformers? Actor Josh Duhamel is hinting at a possible return. He may reprise the role of William Lennox, the character he played in the first trilogy.

Josh Duhamel Michael Bay is hard at work preparing the next chapter of his Transformers series. After directing the original billion-dollar trilogy, he’s set for a fourth installment. This time, the film will have a new cast led by Oscar nominee Mark Wahlberg.

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The first Transformers (in 2007) changed the careers of its stars. It made Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox overnight sensations, while Josh Duhamel became an instant action hero.

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We can’t imagine Bay quitting the first cast cold turkey. Therefore, we weren’t surprised when Duhamel admitted that he could appear in the next sequel.

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The actor told The Hollywood Reporter, “They’re going younger,” for the new Transformers. But that doesn’t mean he can’t step in and say hello. He revealed that he and Bay have discussed his inclusion in the film.

“[Michael] said he wants to put me in it someplace. I don’t know if he was just saying that because he had me on the phone and he felt obligated or what, but you know what? I got to do three of those. It changed my career, it changed my life getting to be a part of something that big, so I’m grateful for even doing the first three of them,” Duhamel said.

Fingers crossed that Duhamel and Bay make it happen. He was our favorite part of the Transformers trilogy. It would be a good nod to the previous films.

Transformers 4 is scheduled to hit theaters June 27, 2014.

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