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Justin Bieber flips: meltdown with photog after hospital stay

Tiny Justin Bieber — who was recently released from the hospital — flips out at a photographer and is held back by bodyguards as he threatens to “beat the f***” of him.

The Buzz – No Rest for the Weary Bieber
Justin has not been having the best week due to car crashes and health issues.

In ridiculous news this Friday morning, Justin Bieber is back to being a teenager despite some downtime in the hospital last night.

But this time he surpasses even his own typical bratty behavior.

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TMZ initially ran the footage of Bieber leaving what appears to be a London hotel and he absolutely flips out at one photographer, crawling out of his SUV to threaten the guy after the paparazzo hurls some nasty insults at him.

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It all went down earlier today. As Bieber leaves the building, he’s flanked by bodyguards as the paparazzi desperately try to get pictures of him. He makes it into his SUV and the door slams shut, but one photographer cries “assault” since Bieber or one of his bodyguards roughly pushes back at the crowd.

A member of Bieber’s team tries to explain to the photog he was too close to Justin but the paparazzo is irritated. The photog mutters, “f***ing little punk. go back to America. F***ing moron.”

Bieber obviously hears the insults and throws the SUV door open, asking, “What the f*** did you say?” Really, it all seems comical given how small Bieber looks next to his bodyguard, who easily blocks Justin from reaching the photog.

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This latest Bieber blowup comes just days after he threw a tantrum after a club reportedly denied entry for his underage girlfriend, Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke. On Monday, he was two hours late for his own show without any real explanation for the delay. Bieber’s Friday flip-out comes just hours after he was released from the hospital after collapsing onstage.

Is Justin Bieber’s behavior an indicator of a greater problem?

Watch the full Justin Bieber flip-out below:

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