Justin Bieber: Stop loaning out your cars!

Justin Bieber, apparently the most generous friend ever, keeps lending out his ultra-luxe cars to pal Lil Twist, who thanks him by getting into scrape after scrape.

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Does Lil Twist have naked pictures of Justin Bieber’s mom or something? There has to be some reason the “Boyfriend” singer keeps letting his pal take out his rides when Lil Twist keeps getting into mishaps.

TMZ reported that Lil Twist was driving Bieber’s low-slung customized Fisker Karma Tuesday when he smashed into cement poles at a San Fernando Valley liquor store.

The poles survived. The car, not so much: “We’re told a few minutes later, a BMW roared up to the parking lot and the driver told Twist and the passengers, ‘Get all the pieces from the car [that fell] and put it in the car [the BMW].’ After putting the Fisker parts in the BMW, the 3 men took off in the BMW, leaving the Fisker behind,” TMZ writes.

TMZ also writes that one of the passengers in the car, possibly Twist, told an eyewitness that the car was Bieber’s.

Will Bieber’s terrible week never end? A bad birthday, a collapse onstage and now this. The star reportedly also got in a confrontation with a London pap, screeching he’d “beat the f**k out of” a photographer who told him to “f**k off back to America,” TMZ wrote today.

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Bieber later tweeted, “Ahhhhh! Rough morning. Trying to feel better for this show tonight but let the paps get the best of me.”

Having Lil Twist smash up the Fisker Karma couldn’t have helped.

Gossip devotees will recall that Twist was driving Bieber’s Ferrari 458 Italia when he was pulled over for speeding and photographer Chris Guerra was killed taking pictures.

The Huffington Post also reported this week that Lil Twist was pulled over for changing lanes unsafely in Bieber’s Fisker Karma.

Justin Bieber: Better hang on to your own keys for a while.

Image courtesy Sakura/WENN.com


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