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First Look: America’s Got Talent judges in New Orleans

It’s almost time for America’s Got Talent to return! But it’s not too late to audition, either.

First look at America's Got Talent

The judges from America’s Got Talent are once again in the process of hunting down their latest stream of interesting Americans. When they stopped by New Orleans to see what the Big Easy had to offer by way of talented folks and they seemed pretty happy!

It may be too late to audition in person, but you’ve still got a little more time to earn your chance to perform on the show. How? By auditioning online, of course!

Heidi Klum joins the America’s Got Talent crew >>

Remember, kiddos: AGT is about more than just singing. Whether you’re an amazing Irish dancer, an Evel Kneivel on roller blades or a master flaming-plate spinner, Klum, Stern, Mandel and B want to hear from you! Submissions are open to all ages and talents. All you need to do is submit a 2-3 minute video (or link to an existing one on YouTube). Keep in mind: Producers prefer a straightforward, unedited performance that demonstrates your personality and talent — even if it’s right from your living room or in the privacy of your bedroom. Just visit the America’s Got Talent site to submit a link to your video. Just think, a few minutes to make a video and a few more to upload it and within months your life could be forever changed. So don’t miss out on the opportunity, it only comes around once a season!

Out with the Os(bourne), in with the (Mel) B. >>

Last summer marked the seventh season for America’s Got Talent and, boy, was it a great one. Since launching in 2006, AGT has been sold in 177 countries. That’s a lot of people with the chance to see you show off your skills (no matter how traditional or quirky). There are even 54 localized versions of the show happening throughout the world. This year’s judges include supermodel Heidi Klum, radio personality Howard Stern, Canadian comedian Howie Mandel and singer Sporty Spice Mel B, who New Orleans wasn’t too happy with.

Whether you’re performing or watching, enjoy!

Photo credit: Skip Bolen/NBC

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