Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold back in Beverly Hills Cop

Almost 30 years after the release of the blockbuster action film Beverly Hills Cop, co-stars Eddie Murphy and Judge Reinhold sign on for cameos in the forthcoming TV adaptation.

Eddie Murphy at Spike TV event

Eddie Murphy is Axel Foley, all over again.

TheWrap reports that Murphy, who starred in the comedy/action smash hit Beverly Hills Cop waaay back in 1984, has signed on for a cameo in the pilot of the new Beverly Hills Cop series being developed by CBS.

Once again, Murphy will play Axel Foley, the wise-cracking rebel cop who’s willing to push the envelope to solve his cases.

Judge Reinhold, a name that readers may not have heard lately, will reprise his role as detective William “Billy” Rosewood, the by-the-book cop assigned to work with the unconventional Foley.

But the new Beverly Hills Cop isn’t just a remake of the old one: Brandon T. Jackson is lead Aaron Foley, Axel’s son; Eddie, naturally, will play his dad.

Little else is known about the Beverly Hills Cop series, though like the movie version, it’ll be a cop drama that also makes you laugh. Oh, and it’ll be an hour long.

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After a slate of not-so-good flops, it’s not that surprising that Murphy would be eager to revisit the scene of past successes. He’s even striking out with another ’80s-flavored project: He’s signed on to star with Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger in a revitalized sequel to the 1988 hit comedy Twins.

“Arnold and I recently had dinner with Eddie Murphy and we all got along great so I think it will definitely happen with the three of us,” DeVito told Radio Times. “Universal have taken the reins so it’s their movie. Whether it’s called Twins 2 or Triplets hasn’t been decided yet but I’d be up for doing it in a heartbeat. But I’m just so busy right now, I can’t say when.”

Schwarzenegger has had a long, strange trip since the 1980s, serving as the conservative governor of California. But DeVito says it’s still business as usual with them.

“Arnold and I had a great time doing the original movie and we really dig each other, apart from our difference in politics,” DeVito said. “So we’ve had positive meetings about doing the sequel and encouragingly we found we still really have a good time together.”

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