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Jessica Simpson is having a boy!

Over the years, we’ve learned plenty about Jessica Simpson… a lot of it we could have lived without ever knowing. Last night her oversharing turned out to be not only adorable, but pretty informative!

The Buzz – Jessica Simpson: I Never Knew a Wiener Could Make Me So Nauseous
The blondie accidentally spilled the details on her baby’s gender.

Last night, Jessica Simpson stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to chat with the host about everything she’s been up to lately, including the return of her show Fashion Star. When the conversation turned to her overwhelming nausea, Jessica let loose with a pretty funny line but then suddenly realized it may have revealed too much.

“I never knew that a wiener could actually make me nauseous,” she told him, exasperated.

There was a pause, followed by Jimmy Kimmel’s usual brand of unsure innocence. “Wait a minute…,” he said.

“Well, I guess I just told the whole world I’m having a boy!” Jessica said, seeming rather surprised with herself for letting such a big thing slip.

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Kimmel feigned coolness, as if he didn’t quite catch the announcement. Or maybe he realized the quick save she could have used to turn her slip-up around, but wasn’t about to ruin the fun for viewers? Either way, we’ve got a gender confirmation from Jess and we’re super excited. You can watch the slip-up below.

Meanwhile, USA Today is reporting that the new baby is due in December but… that seemed a little late, doesn’t it? Jess is actually due this summer and we’re so excited. Hopefully the baby boy will hold out until after the finale of Jess’s Fashion Star while the series is pre-recorded, but there’s always room for a live episode or two, right?

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Talking about wieners wasn’t the most ladylike way for Simpson to reveal her baby’s identity, but it’ll be a good story for her to share with him some day. Do you think the accidental announcement was cute or crude? Let us know!

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