The cast of Community will live forever as puppets

The cast of Community will live on way past the show’s expiration date, not just in the hearts of the fans but as felt-covered puppets!

The cast of Community TV showCommunity is definitely known for its creativity and experimentation with style. We all remember the claymation Christmas episode and when the cast transformed into video game characters. Now, the show will tackle the art of puppetry.

In perfect Community fashion, the spring puppet episode combines several elements from pop culture. The group takes an adventurous balloon ride and crashes in a mysterious woods (sounds a little like Oz the Great and Powerful).

While stranded in the woods, they happen upon a friendly mountain man, Jason Alexander. He may be a blast from the past, but every pop culture lover knows George Castanza from Seinfeld.

Apparently the puppets come into play when Dead Pelton (Jim Rash) encourages the group to express their feelings through puppetry. All of our favorite community college students will be immortalized in the form of cuddly puppets, from Jeff (Joel McHale) to Chang (Ken Jeong).

No word yet if the puppets will be on sale for fans to buy, but if so, I will be first in line for the pint-sized, felt-covered Jeff Winger. Don’t look at me like that. It’s not weird.

Photo courtesy of NBC


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