Jessica Simpson on her pregnancy: I was puking and tired

The expectant mother said this pregnancy has been very different from her first. This time, she first knew she was pregnant because she was “puking and lying on the couch” all the time.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson sat down with Ellen DeGeneres Wednesday to talk about the surprise of her current pregnancy and how it has been affecting her… and a lot of stuff she probably shouldn’t be sharing with the public.

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“Apparently protection was just thrown out the window,” Simpson told DeGeneres of the surprise pregnancy. “We’re happy. We were definitely extremely shocked.”

Simpson and fiancé Eric Johnson had their first baby less than two years ago; Maxwell Drew Johnson was born in May 2011. The expectant mom said that her daughter was her whole life, but then suddenly she “was puking and lying on the couch,” according to Yahoo!.

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“This pregnancy is the complete opposite,” she continued. “Like with Maxwell, I felt amazing. Like I could do everything, eat everything. Do whatever I wanted. I had a lot of energy. This time around… I’m like exhausted. Eating Tums. That’s my snack of choice.”

Simpson became a spokesperson for Weight Watchers after giving birth the first time, and she said it taught her a lot about how to eat to stay healthy during this pregnancy.

“The first pregnancy I like let loose and I kind of ate everything that I wanted to eat and I just really enjoyed it,” she said. “This time around I think because I was doing Weight Watchers and I felt super healthy, I’m not really craving as much and I know how hard it is to get off so I’m trying to make healthier, wiser decisions.”

Simpson chatted with Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday and said that, even though she loves her family, she and Johnson would like to be done having kids after this one.

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“I think originally I had wanted three [kids] and now that I have one and another one on the way I feel like I could stop here,” she told Seacrest, according to Yahoo!.

But, always the poster child for birth control, she added, “Accidents do happen!”

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