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Editor’s video pick: David Guetta feat. Usher “Without You

Drawing special attention the Sahel Hunger Crisis, these musicians donated their music in hopes of garnering support.

David Guetta

The region of Sahel spans across North Africa, and the area suffers greatly due to a food crisis. David Guetta and Usher worked together with the United Nations Office of Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs for this short film that uses their hit “Without You.”

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Their efforts are intended to encourage support for the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF).

The brief film centers on Australian siblings Will and Georgi, who spend a day outside the capital of Niger listening to the stories of the local townspeople. In the first few minutes, viewers witness firsthand accounts of people like Abdoulaye, a farmer with struggling crops, who have been punished harshly by the environmental tragedy that has struck the area. Another featured profile is of young Ali, who creates bricks for a living to support his family. He makes around 200 bricks if he works all day — which then take a week to sell — and only averages $10 for the entire sale. The money he makes allows the children in his family to eat. With statistics showing that 10 million people in the region are facing hunger, it’s a hard number to ignore.

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The Aussie siblings had only spent a day there, and in that time they were dramatically affected by the surroundings and tragedy that had befallen these people.

However, don’t assume that this is entirely a somber video, because the lively imagery of the excited children dancing to the song will brighten your face. The economic destruction has not removed the feelings of joy these kids still embrace. It’s easy to assume help is just another drop in the ocean, but the siblings’ experience is a testament to how people can make a difference.

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If you choose to donate, the proceeds will go to humanitarian projects that provide emergency aid via CERF. For more information and to support the cause please go to

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