Editor's video pick: Matt & Kim "It's Alright"

Mar 12, 2013 at 2:21 a.m. ET

Musical duo Matt & Kim put on an acrobatic display of suggestive poses for our amusement in their latest music video.

Matt & KimThanks Matt & Kim — you gave my boyfriend an excuse not to cuddle

Because of your lively, almost-scandalous music video for "It's Alright," he can try convince me he does his share of affection while I'm sleeping (yeah, right!).

The track is from their fourth album, Lightning, that debuted last October. "Lightning" is an appropriate title, seeing as their energetic videos always jump-start my own creative juices. They're musical masterminds combined — and their compatibility extends beyond music and into their personal lives, because they're also dating.

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The music video is filled with dance moves, performed as they lay in bed, and their noticeably fit bodies synchronize in elaborate positions. It's ballet meets late-night Cinemax — all executed with their eyes closed and their bodies contorted in acrobatic ways. It's filled with bursts of energy and weaves in a sense of seduction throughout. It's like watching young love confined to a dance sequence: it's lustful, passionate and spirited.

I thought Matt & Kim's indie music set them apart, but watching these musicians enact borderline Cirque du Soleil in the bedroom makes them truly enviable. Their visual depiction of the song was intimate and allowed an audience into such a private portion of their lives.

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One half of the duo openly admitted on their website that this song is their favorite track off the album and they hoped viewers may "learn a few things from it." I think it's safe to say you could learn a few things, but one thing is definitely that their chemistry overflows when on-screen. While neither you nor I may ever get invited back to their Brooklyn home, we can now imagine what their possible morning routine is like. All I know is, I need to start up Zumba because Kim had some serious muscle tone and moves!

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Watch it and let us know what you think!

Photo courtesy of Daniel Tanner/WENN.com

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