Snooki’s weight loss: 42 pounds down to prove a point

Snooki’s weight-loss success is bringing the first-time mom satisfaction on multiple levels. Sure, Lorenzo’s mom did it for herself first, but for someone else too!

Snooki weight loss

While many new moms struggle to lose weight, Snooki seems to have hit her stride. Seven months after giving birth to son Lorenzo, the Jersey Shore reality star is happy to announce she’s down 42 pounds!

Posing in a high-waisted leopard-print bikini for Us Weekly‘s latest issue, all 4 foot 9 inches of the pint-sized mom look slim and trim. Rocking the same red hair seen here and a sexy smile, Snooki is just as hot as she wants to be for her own satisfaction, and for fiancé Jionni LaValle!

“I lost it for me,” she told the magazine of her weight-loss motivation, “but I also wanted Jionni to know that I can be hot as a mom.”

It wasn’t an entirely easy journey, however. The 25-year-old noted, “When you have a baby, everything changes.”

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In the forefront of the first-time mom’s mind is her breasts, and the idea of getting a boob job. “I’ve always wanted a boob job because I have big boobs, but when I take the bra off, they sag. I hate that.”

She added, “Everyone’s telling me to get them done after I have my kids. So I’m going to pop ’em out and then get a boob job. I love Jenni’s [JWoww] boobs, and I want boobs like that. And I think Jionni does too… He loves boobs like Jenni’s.”

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While Snooki’s bikini magazine cover is fantastic, the choice of a high-waisted bikini bottom may have been no accident. She previously stated the “mommy pouch” was the worst part of the changes her body underwent during pregnancy.

“It takes a while to get rid of the stretch marks, too. Stretch marks suck,” Snooki shared with trademark honesty. “They came the ninth month. I was like, really?! I thought I was free from them, but I wasn’t.”

Do you think a boob job is a wise move for Snooki?

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