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The Face‘s Margaux blogs: Working with “The Wicked Witch

Between dancing, working with “the witch” and Sandra and Jocelyn’s continued “epic battle royale,” this week’s The Face was nothing short of dramatic.

margeaux brooke
The Face

“This is a competition, after all”

Between dancing, working with “the witch” and Sandra and Jocelyn’s continued “epic battle royale,” this week’s The Face was nothing short of dramatic.

Margaux Brooke on The Face

Team Coco has a rough start this week because only Stephanie and I are left, but it was a huge relief to see that Coco is the one judging our test shoot. At least, it was until I found out dancing was involved. Learning the dance was easy enough for everyone, except Devyn. She was not having it.

I think Jocelyn and I must have taken dance lessons at the same school because we were completely confused, uncoordinated and unimpressive. Coco, I don’t blame you for being disappointed — I sucked. If only I’d figured out that I was supposed to do the choreography in place, this might have turned out differently for me.

Ebony, on the other hand, wasn’t helping much by going first and completely killing it. Are you serious?! That girl can dance. Pretty sure I knew who the winner was before I watched the rest of us do our much less exciting renditions of Salim’s routine. Ebony ended up winning. Shocker! She totally deserved it, though. Good job, Eb!

Next up was the Marshall’s campaign where we are all introduced to Jen Rade, Marshall’s “Super Fan.” I think Stephanie could give that title a run for its money. But in all seriousness, Jen Rade calls herself “The Wicked Witch of Wardrobe,” which I believe is much more fitting and would have been great to know before working with her.

Everything leading up to the shoot went extremely well. We chose our wardrobe and made sure each look targeted a different age group — one of Jen’s requirements. Coco helped us practice our poses. We couldn’t be feeling more confident after losing two of our teammates. We were ready and excited to win this challenge — at least until we walked into the same room as Ms. Rade.

I’m not even going to mention Team Karolina and Team Naomi; they had petty little issues within their own teams while shooting, but we were the only team that had to deal with flak from “the witch.” She was on us before we even stepped on set.

I’m pretty sure we were only looking at the accessories for about 30 seconds before she started yelling at us. “You’re fashion people, so you should be able to make these decisions instantly!” How about you let us borrow your magic wand and maybe we can do that for you? Or do only the good witches get wands?

Needless to say, we did not get off to a smooth start, but there are clients out there in the real world of modeling who are just as “persistent” as Jen Rade and Coco. Stephanie and I handled her mood professionally. We didn’t give any lip — we just got to work.

Stephanie received most of the comments, quite literally, to her face. Jen Rade made it known to everyone within a 20-foot radius that Stephanie looked more like an actress than a model. But like a real Team Coco player, Stephanie brushed it off and pushed through the shoot.

Margaux Brooke on The Face

Having worked in L.A. for most of my career, I’ve done many lookbooks, so I felt like this challenge was right up my alley. I basically just pretended I was going to the beach, or riding through the park and doing it all with a big, cheesy grin on my face, and that seemed to make Ms. Rade very happy. Amen to that. I can say out of all of the challenges we’ve had, this was the first one where I was excited for it to be over.

Talk about being kicked when you’re down: Team Coco was already down two girls, but after that massacre, confidence was not something any of us were feeling, Coco included.

Fast-forward to when they name the winner. Team Naomi wins. This is No. 3, right? I can honestly say it’s not hearing “Team Naomi” announced that I dread each week — it’s Sandra’s insane reaction that follows. Not to mention that after the running and screaming, this time Sandra announced that she felt she did the worst. That made all of who felt we actually did a good job feel awesome.

Next up, Coco and Karolina choose which girl they’re going to put up for elimination. Coco makes a non-climactic, fair decision based on Jen Rade’s disdain for my poor teammate. In the midst of the sad eliminations happening on either side of Team Naomi’s room, Sandra and Jocelyn continue their epic battle royale that doesn’t seem to die. Naomi enters the room in an attempt to throw water on the flames, but I think she got her cans mixed up because all she’s adding is gasoline.

Side note: I feel bad for Zilin always being caught in the middle of their feud. My favorite part was after Naomi was done chewing out her team, the camera pans ironically over to the “Love Is All You Need” sign on the wall in their room. Genius! I wish I could high-five whoever cut that footage together.

Over in one of the quieter rooms, Karolina says she wants to keep the girls with “charisma and personality” and then chooses Madeleine. Ouch. I guess this is Madeleine’s time to show Naomi her personality and fight to get back into the game.

Stephanie and Madeleine each say their piece in front of Naomi, and may I say, Stephanie is such an eloquent speaker that Naomi ends up choosing her over Madeleine. Coco and I were ecstatic when Stephanie rounded the corner.

But then Naomi came out and Karolina said that Madeleine did a good job at the campaign and couldn’t understand why Naomi didn’t choose her to stay. Naomi said Madeleine actually didn’t do a good job, but switch to her interview scene and she admits choosing Stephanie to stay over Madeleine was actually a strategic move. Naomi’s words are ringing true: “This is a competition, after all.”

P.S. Did anyone catch my Virgin Mobile commercial? It aired twice during the show! 😉

Tune in next week to see what happens on The Face!

The Face airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Oxygen.

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