The Newsroom cast tells us their favorite lines and moments

Mar 6, 2013 at 9:01 a.m. ET

When you're working with Aaron Sorkin, you're bound to stumble upon a few gems.

Newsroom cast talks moments with Aaron Sorkin

Anything written by Aaron Sorkin is bound to have at least a million great lines and The Newsroom is no exception. We caught up with some of the cast over the weekend at PaleyFest and asked them for some of their favorite moments from Season 1. It was a great way to reminisce.

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"My favorite phrase in the first season was, 'Excuse me, this isn't soundproof glass,'" the always adorable Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire) said. "It's this scene where I'm trying to do a presentation on Big Foot and they're having an argument outside and I'm like, very angry."

The scene is pretty great. Dev's character, Neal, spent nearly the entire episode trying to convince his co-workers that Big Foot was a legitimate story worth telling on the show. They, of course, don't take him seriously. In the episode, Neal is definitely the butt of some very funny jokes. No matter how much we love Dev, we can't help but laugh along.

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Meanwhile, Olivia Munn's favorite "Sorkin moment" wasn't written at all.

"My favorite moment actually, when I think back on it, was when we were shooting the pilot and I remember Aaron and I were talking about the scene," Munn began. "They started shooting so he was like, 'Walk with me.' So I started walking and we're talking about this dialogue and then I stop and I look at him. And, of course, because I am socially awkward, I-I can't help but have the inside thoughts go on the outside. So I just look at him and I go, 'Oh my God. I'm walking and talking with Aaron Sorkin on Aaron Sorkin's set talking about Aaron Sorkin dialogue.' And he just looked at me and goes, 'Just keep walking.'"

Nice, Olivia! We love it when celebs have a fangirl moment. It's nice to know everyone feels a little surreal when they meet Sorkin and not just us!

Whether you've seen a Sorkin show or not, The Newsroom's director Alan Poul makes another great point about the show and the way it's written. And that's that often the way things are said is more important than what is said.

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"Aaron writes like music," he said. "Aaron's show tells you how the music has to sound, so your job as the director is a little bit closer to be the conductor of an orchestra. You can control the pacing, you can put in little pauses, you can make it go allegro or adagio. But you're not gonna... f*** with the rhythm, essentially. The rhythm is baked in."

Beautiful analogy and oh-so-fitting! If you haven't seen The Newsroom, catch up on Season 1. If you have, the show returns this summer for Season 2!

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