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Did Kate Middleton (accidentally) reveal the sex of her baby?

The future Queen of England has not gotten used to guarding her most private secrets, and it appears she may have given away a big one — the sex of her and Prince William’s baby.

The Buzz – Kate Middleton Reveals Baby Gender?
The Princess may have slipped on their first child’s gender.

Kate Middleton could be holding one of the most protected secrets in the known world — the sex of her baby. But according to one news producer, the wife of Prince William may have inadvertently given their royal secret away.

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Middleton was out on a walkabout in Grimsby with ITV Royal news producer Georgina Brewer when a well-wisher gave her a teddy bear.

“According to Brewer, Kate took the toy and said, ‘Thank you I’ll give that to my d…’ and stopped herself,” said Tom Sykes with Daily Beast.

Brewer said the woman who provided the bear asked if she meant to say daughter, to which Middleton replied, “We’re not telling.” The producer also said Middleton reportedly looked flustered and frustrated.

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In a country where celebrities (including the royals) dominate the tabloids, all the major papers are reportedly running the slip of the one letter Wednesday morning on their front pages.

But the sex of the baby could be more important than it is for most famous couples.

“If Kate really is having a girl, it will be historic moment as the law was changed in the United Kingdom recently to allow a female first born to become monarch,” said Sykes.

Middleton can’t be blamed for giving away a secret. She is fairly new to the royal game, and is obviously excited about the baby. This isn’t the first time she has given away secrets she has tried to guard.

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“Last year, after refusing to give out the name of their dog on the grounds it was a private matter, Kate revealed the name — Lupo — to a group of schoolchildren,” Sykes said.

But the future queen does want to share some parts of her pregnancy; she also revealed during the event that she can now feel her baby kicking.

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