David Lyons admits Revolution‘s Monroe may meet his untimely death

Will the end of Revolution’s first season see the end of Monroe?

Monroe PaleyFest

Poor Monroe. Revolution‘s villain is such a bad guy that no matter how hot he is (and David Lyons is definitely hot), he just can’t score any sort of break. Monroe gets no pretty lady (meanwhile, it looks like Miles has two), no real friends and no… second season?

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Our PaleyFest correspondent asked David Lyons (the man behind Monroe) what he hopes happens before the end of the season. The stunning actor immediately turned things real bleak real fast. It turns out he just wants redemption… just in case.

“I hope there is a redemptive aspect to Monroe,” Lyons said. “I’m not sure that a man like that can be redeemed. But, you know, if he meets a grizzly and untimely death (and I’m not saying that he does)… I think there is room for redemption.”

Oh, no! We don’t want to see Bass go!

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That said, we may have also scored a hint at how he might go. We also asked Lyons about special training the cast was receiving for the show. As it turns out, he hadn’t had a whole lot. Until recently, that is.

“I haven’t had to do as much as someone like Billy [Burke],” Lyons said. “But I’ve been doing a little bit of sword work. And that’s been a lot of fun.”

We wonder if that means Monroe will have a sword fight to the death. (But of course we hope not!)

Team Monroe?

Oh, come on! We can’t be the only ones! Do you love Monroe, too?

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