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Music review: Caitlin Rose “Everywhere I Go

Caitlin Rose debuted her second album The Stand-In this month and the track “Everywhere I Go” has us wondering: Should we be swooning or worrying for the couple it’s about?

Caitlin Rose

Use caution ahead

Readers, by all means, allow for Caitlin Rose’s smooth and comforting vocals to lull you to sleep — but do so with one eye open.

Her fluid voice massages the rythmic thumping drums in “Everywhere I Go”, and at first glance this is a love song teeming with infectious sentiment and dreamy melodies.

Her voice is coy, almost uncertain of itself, and that combined with the tambourine lends to engaging innocence. You want to think you’ve heard voices like this before, but does it matter?

Maybe not, but the fact you start questioning whether the song is darker and creepier than you imagined does.

Remember The Police’s “I’ll Be Watching You”?

It was a passionate song and without thinking too hard, you assumed it meant someone was affectionately “watching” over you. But, when you factored the doubt if it actually could be an obssessive marker of adoration — that made it quickly a disturbing song. Similar vagueness is present in Rose’s track — a seemingly pure love song.

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Read in between the lines

How do you interpret these lyrics?

“Kiss everyone that I meet in every other bar
Fall in love a million times between near and far,
No matter where I’d go, no matter where I’d go
There you are, there you are.”

That last line could mean that the person appears everytime she tries to move on, couldn’t it?

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However, I do admit that it is more likely a song about two lovers who are meant to be regardless of how hard they try to fight being together (not nearly as exciting!). Listen to the song and leave a comment with what you think!

She reminds me of another artist I took a particular fondness to: Kate Earl. On tour now in the US, her next show is in Nashville, Tennessee on March 9. More tour information is available on her website.

Press play below!

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