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New artist profile: Allison Weiss

She unleashes her second album “Say What You Mean” on April 16, and we endorse this no-gimmick musician with a fearless spirit.

Allison Weiss

Hey readers! Name some famous lesbian musicians that have made their mark on the music industry. Go!

When I first began my quest to locate some names, I was flooded with results for K.D. Lang and Melissa Etheridge. Others like Janis Joplin, Joan Jett and Lady Gaga came up as bisexual. Now who will be the flagship leader for this new generation?

Presenting to you one Brooklyn-based contender: Allison Weiss.

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While she may be proud of her sexuality, this isn’t her vehicle to rise to fame. Her heartfelt lyrics and laid-back, unblemished voice do more together than what an overdone, stereotype-conforming “top 50” musician would do to compensate for a lack thereof. There are no bright shiny lights and glitter here, just music.

Take a minute to browse through her YouTube channel, and you’ll quickly see what I saw. It’s all about sincerely expressing herself through her music. As her Facebook page says, “Some are inspired by fame and money and some just want to tell their story to everyone. The latter is the best way to describe 25-year-old singer-songwriter Allison Weiss.”

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Call me a skeptic, but my first thought was: What makes her story worth telling?

Well, how many musicians do you know that have taken their promotional needs into their own hands? She utilized Kickstarter campaigns that helped put her name on the map. She was commended for this in both the New York Times and Wired magazine and featured as a panelist at SXSW, according to her website. It’s a safe bet that all this work helped her get a slot on a European tour with Lou Reed and his backup band. She’s quite the go-getter, isn’t she?

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She’s dubbed herself “catchy folk-infused powerpop,” and her music is compelling. Her new album is honest, highlighting the highs and lows of love and life — possibly a soundtrack for your spring flings and summer loves? It’s actually hard to find a track you can’t relate to. Even the New York Times agrees, remarking of Weiss’ new album that it’s a “strong and impressively tart new album.” The album is available for you to snatch up shortly, so keep your eyes peeled. Need some incentive? Check out her latest track, “Nothing Left,” below!

Photo courtesy of Lindsey Byrnes

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