Holly Madison: Ready for baby

The former Girls Next Door star checked into a Las Vegas area hospital on Monday to have her baby girl.

HollyMadisonbabygirlHolly Madison is on her way to becoming a first-time mother. In fact, she told the Las Vegas Sun that she was planning on checking into a Las Vegas area hospital on Monday in preparation for her new arrival.

The former Girls Next Door star told Robin Leach, “It’s time now. We have decided to induce the delivery if necessary. I will go in Monday afternoon or early evening. It still might take up to three more days, though.”

Her official due date is on Tuesday, but the mother-to-be is clearly eager to meet her little girl. However, don’t expect her to give every detail of the birth on various social media outlets.

Madison said, “You’ll know when the baby is born, but I’m not going to be tweeting during the delivery.”

Madison and her fiancé Pasquale Rotella, CEO of an electronic concerts promotion company in Las Vegas, have planned an Alice in Wonderland nursery for their new bundle of joy. The Peepshow star was pretty hands-on in terms of the decor, doing most of the painting herself.

What will the baby’s girl’s name be?

Well, the former Playboy Playmate is keeping that under wraps for now.

“We have her name picked out, but that has to remain a secret for now,” she told the Las Vegas Sun. “It’s such an unusual and difficult name I have a feeling we’ll add something simpler once she’s arrived safely in our world.”

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Her baby girl will also make her debut in a magazine exclusive, but she did not mention the publication.

Madison has already raised a few eyebrows with her announcement that she was planning on eating her placenta to ward off possible postpartum depression. Many mothers swear by the remedy.

After giving birth, her next project will be her upcoming nuptials to Rotella. They are planning a summer wedding.

For now though, she’s focused on the next few days and her baby girl.

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Madison shared, “I’m feeling very relaxed, very, very happy, contented, yet a little restless with anticipation, but all is good. I’m ready now for the delivery. I can’t wait to be a mommy, although I’m not giving up my career.”

She continued, “Everything is wonderful. These are the happiest days of my life.”

There’s nothing better than a joyous mother-to-be!

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