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Top 8 moments from this week’s Girls

Hannah’s obsessive-compulsive disorder spoils her parents’ visit, while Marnie, Shoshanna and Adam make important self-discoveries.

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In honor of Hannah’s obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), here are the eight best moments (in no particular order) from Sunday night’s Girls episode (“It’s Back”).

1) Where is Jessa?!

We speculated last week that Jessa could be gone for good. And based on Shoshanna’s emotional outburst, our prediction looks solid. Shosh (Zosia Mamet) freaks out, wondering where her cousin absconded to and, most importantly, whether Jessa has on the appropriate outfit. The torture of not knowing is on the verge of tearing the fabric of Shosh’s being… when she bumps into a college buddy on rollerblades. It looks safe to say we’ve seen the last of Jessa this season.

2) Hannah’s parents suck

Their appearance in “It’s Back” marks Mr. and Mrs. Horvath’s first major screen time this season. Immediately, we’re reminded why Hannah dreads their visits. Mr. Horvath isn’t so bad. He’s quite adept as the stooge and delivers a few solid one-liners. Hannah’s mother, on the other hand, is a nasty, cold-hearted b****. She’s either busying raving about some intellectual conference or dragging Hannah to a concert for geriatrics. Mrs. Horvath is the only character who makes siding with Hannah easy.

3) Honest Adam spills his guts

Adam once hinted he is an alcoholic, but we’ve never seen him actually struggle with the sauce. After a one-episode hiatus, Adam (Adam Driver) delivers the performance of the night while hanging with a group of dopey-faced AA members. His confession about his relationship with Hannah is chillingly honest, yet brutally funny. The scene is proof that only Adam can deliver the most serious and still laugh-out-loud moment of the show.

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4) Charlie gets rich

It’s been a while since Charlie (Christopher Abbot) rejected Marnie by shouting, “You’ll never get any of THIS anymore!!” Charlie, the consummate scorned lover, turns his disdain for Marnie into a get-rich-quick app that makes a $10 profit when someone dials a forbidden person’s number. Marnie, in shock, shows up at Charlie’s office to find him the epicenter of a business that comes complete with assistants wearing ironic glasses. The idea for the app (Forbid) is pure genius. And, of course, Marnie served as Charlie’s inspiration. When it finally sinks in that Marne is to Charlie what Mr. Watson is to Alexander Graham Bell, Marnie seems on the verge of a breakdown.Girls TV show

5) Shoshanna steps out

Shoshanna and Ray put their love to the test when Shosh attends a college party without Ray. He sits out on principle while she goes to rediscover herself. Shosh leaves the party abruptly but cannot fend off a doorman’s overtly cheesy flirtation. She winds up hooking up in the closet while Ray sits at home, reading in his boxers.

6) Marnie shows off her pipes

No, unfortunately we don’t see Allison Williams breasts… sigh. But we do hear Marnie sing her heart out. Disillusioned with her job and Charlie’s success, Marnie — with some prodding from Ray — declares that singing is her true dream. She belts out a wonderful melody, which can only foreshadow the inevitable “Marnie finally gets her break!!!” moment in the season finale when Marnie leaves New York to join Ryan Seacrest’s band of merry idolers.

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7) The best blind date ever

Adam meets a wacky woman in his AA meeting who wants to him to call her daughter. Adam begrudgingly agrees and sets up a blind date with Natalia at a swanky restaurant. Much to Adam’s surprise, Natalia turns out to be a knockout. The two hit it off while they try to one-up the other’s quirkiness. Natalia’s job as a private eye’s assistant turns on Adam, while she’s impressed by his blunt honesty and semi-dashing good looks. After the AA speech, the blind date scene is the best five minutes of Sunday’s episode.

Girls TV show

8) Something’s really wrong with Hannah

We’ve always known something was off about Hannah. Now we know she suffers from a case of OCD, which forces her to do everything in eights. A phone call from Adam thrusts Hannah back into a funk that forces her to do nearly everything eight times. At first, we’re not sure why she eats exactly eight potato chips. It seems like just another function of Hannah’s awkwardness. But, as the episode wraps, we learn that Hannah suffers from a debilitating case of OCD that left her sore in the thighs and zombie-like through high school. “It’s Back” ends in a truly depressing scene with Hannah and her parents on the subway. Hannah holds a bag of pills while her sucky parents make no attempt to console her.

Can the OCD explain all of Hannah’s peculiarity? We only have two episodes left to find out…

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