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Tori Spelling bites back at divorce rumors

Tori Spelling usually lets tabloid rumors roll off her back, but this reality star turned into a mama bear when one mag went too far.

Tori Spelling

No one actually takes what Star magazine prints seriously, right? No sane adult, at least. However, a 5-year-old is another story, as Tori Spelling recently learned.

Normally, Spelling would let rumors that she is on the verge of divorce roll off her back — after all, she knows it’s not true — but when her son freaked out when he read a tabloid headline at the grocery store, she said enough is enough.

Spelling explained her anger on her website, in an open letter to Star magazine.

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“My son Liam is turning 6 in a couple weeks. His proudest achievement so far in his young life is that he is learning to read,” Spelling wrote. “Until now, when that pride turned to sorrow thanks to Star magazine. He first spotted me on the cover, then Dad, and then a picture of himself and his 3 younger siblings. He was able to read two things out loud, the word DIVORCE (which he proudly sounded out) and the caption above his picture which read ‘Who will get the kids?’ He became terrified.”

“I had to hurry him and his confused 4-year-old sister Stella out of the grocery store and into our car. By the time he was fastening himself into his car seat he was asking, ‘Why is someone getting us?? Where are you and Dad going?’ He was anxiously biting his lower lip and his big blue eyes were filled with tears. My heart sank. How would I explain to my children that what these 3 writers who have never even met us but who claim to know the ins and outs of our relationship and have proudly put their names on this article are flat out writing lies?”

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“It’s the downside to this business but I’ve built up a pretty thick skin to the lies and trash talking at this point,” she continued. “But my children are another story. Keep them out of it! I wonder if any of those 3 writers have children? How would they feel if their child had to read something so hurtful and confusing as what mine had to read? How do they sleep at night knowing they’ve potentially emotionally scarred and if nothing else terrified innocent children.”

“Our children should never have to bear witness to lies and fabrications that affect their lives so that a media outlet can make money. That will always be wrong!” she finished.

Go get ’em, girl!

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