Did Anne Hathaway have an Oscar-sized meltdown?

The backlash against newly minted Oscar winner Anne Hathaway continues. This time, it’s about a reported meltdown during Oscar rehearsals once she found out Amanda Seyfried was going to wear a similar dress.

Anne Hathaway

Can’t a gal just sit back, relax and enjoy her Oscar win? Apparently not, if your name is Anne Hathaway.

Since her Sunday win at the Dolby Theatre, the Les Misérables actress has been plagued with criticism about her acceptance speech, the last-minute dress switch fiasco and now a reported meltdown during Oscar rehearsals on Saturday.

US Weekly is exclusively reporting that the Oscar winner was very upset when she learned that her co-star Amanda Seyfried‘s Alexander McQueen gown was very similar to the custom-made Valentino that Hathaway planned to wear to the ceremony.

A source reported to US Weekly, “Anne was like ‘WTF?!’ She started throwing a fit!”

While the newlywed “never told Amanda she had to change the dress,” it still bothered Seyfried, who left the rehearsal after the incident.

Hathway’s uncertainty over the gown similarities spilled into Oscar Sunday, when her entire beauty team was left waiting in the wings for the final choice.

Another source for US Weekly said, “Anne made the fashion, makeup, hair and jewelry teams wait at her home for hours as she decided what to do about the dress debacle.”

Perhaps nerves for the big night got the best of the star since she asked the entire team helping her get ready “for silence so she could rehearse her singing for the Les Mis tribute at the Oscars. It was a painfully long experience.”

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Once Hathaway hit that red carpet, we all know what happened. Her dress received mixed reviews, and she even issued her own public apology to Valentino after their publicist had sent the media information on the dress she was supposed to wear on the red carpet.

The first source from US Weekly weighed in on the dress issue: “I kind of can’t understand why Anne didn’t wear the Valentino gown, anyway. She was the one winning the award, not Amanda. Who cares?”

Do you think Anne Hathaway should have worn the Valentino gown instead?

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