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What?! Taylor Swift spent the night with Ed Sheeran?

The internet is buzzing over rumors Taylor Swift spent all night with Ed Sheeran in a London hotel room after the BRIT Awards. Sources say Sheeran left “looking very happy.”

Ed Sheeran at the 2013 BRIT Awards.

The internet is ablaze this Friday afternoon over reports that Taylor Swift dumped Tom Odell for another British singer — this one much more successful — Ed Sheeran.

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran? Eh, kind of a downgrade for her. After all, she was dating Harry Styles, a member of the most famous boy band to ever come out of the UK, One Direction. Like, ever.

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One thing seems relatively concrete: Taylor Swift loves British accents. Maybe that’s why she and Ed Sheeran are maybe, possibly, totally a thing now.

Sheeran’s accent ups his cute factor a couple of points. (Everyone knows American girls love any type of non-American accents: British, Australian, Irish, Spanish, etc.)

Oddly enough, Ed Sheeran was pretty clear to TMZ last week when he emphatically declined to be Taylor Swift’s next boyfriend. The question was clear to Sheeran: “Would you date her?” and Sheeran shook his head full of messy red hair and gave a simple, “Uh, no.” Hmm. Telling, indeed.

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So what was Taylor Swift doing with Ed Sheeran last night? The extremely credible British paper the Daily Mail reports Sheeran and Swift spent “the majority of the evening before the 2013 BRIT Awards” together in a hotel room. Gasp! The two must have been sleeping together because that is the only thing that ever goes on in a hotel room.

While it has been confirmed by other news sources (E! News) that Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran were in a hotel room together until 4 a.m. and that Sheeran left the room looking “very happy,” it seems more likely the duo were simply writing songs together. Like literally writing musical lyrics and notes on paper.

Speculation continues, though, since the Daily Mail reports there are several factors that make Sheeran a prime Swift boyfriend.

1. Sheeran and Swift have been friends for a long time
2. Sheeran has a tattoo of the word “red” on his arm
3. Sheeran is friends with Swift’s ex-boyfriend Harry Styles

Since Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are planning to go on tour together, it seems more likely the duo were collaborating on future projects. Though given Swift’s newly minted reputation with British men, we can’t say we’d be surprised if Swift and Sheeran turn into a couple.

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