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Fighting for Bronx: Is Ashlee Simpson out of control?

Is Ashlee Simpson letting her wild side get the better of her? Sources close to her ex Pete Wentz say yes — and it’s about to get ugly.

The Buzz – Ashlee Simpson is Getting Out of Control
Pete Wentz is worried about Ashlee’s drinking problem.

When Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson split there were rumors he had enough of her partying while he was on the road with Fall Out Boy, and now similar whispers are heating up again.

Sources close to the former couple are yapping that Wentz is growing more and more concerned over Simpson’s constant quest for a good time, and he’s starting to revisit the idea of fighting for full custody of their son Bronx.

“Pete is worried that Bronx’s well-being could be affected if Ashlee continues to party hard, and he’s concerned about her right now,” the source told RadarOnline.

“He spoke with Tina about his concerns and warned that if Ashlee doesn’t get a grip and calm down the partying he won’t hesitate to get a temporary full custody order in place for Bronx.

“Tina is heartbroken over the situation. She’s been very hands-on with Bronx and loves spending time with her grandson,” the source continued.

“But, with the situation as it is, if Ashlee doesn’t sort herself out soon, Pete believes he will have no option but to go to the courts to get this matter resolved.”

This isn’t the only family drama Tina Simpson is dealing with, of course. She is in the midst of a divorce from family patriarch Joe Simpson amidst rumors he has a gay lover, and rather than drag it all out through the courts she has reportedly agreed to a 50/50 financial split.

“An offer of a 50 percent split of everything under the Simpson name has been offered to Joe,” a source close to the family told Radar.

“That includes the coveted Jessica Simpson Collection, which Joe desperately wanted because that’s the real cash cow. The offer will certainly irk Jessica, because she doesn’t want her dad getting his hands on any of money she earns for the family and they still aren’t getting along.”

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