Morrissey rant gives Duck Dynasty 9 million viewers

After Morrissey refused to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with Duck Dynasty, he inadvertently gave millions of people a reason to watch the show he is so against.


Tip of the week: If you want someone to pay attention to you, get on Morrissey‘s bad side. That is what Duck Dynasty is taking away after the singer canceled his Jimmy Kimmel Live! appearance over animal-rights issues with DD. The Duck Dynasty cast were guests on Kimmel’s show the same night the singer was also supposed to be a guest.

According to the Washington Post, Duck Dynasty‘s network, A&E, had more viewers Wednesday night than at any other time in its history.

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“Nearly 9?million people watched Wednesday night’s third-season debut of Duck Dynasty — one night after DD family members appeared on Kimmel’s ABC late-night show, getting Morrissey’s knickers in a knot,” said Lisa de Moraes with the Washington Post.

The boost officially made Duck Dynasty the top-rated nonfiction show this year — not just on the network, but on all of cable.

“The back-to-back episodes with which Duck Dynasty opened its third season more than doubled the franchise’s second-season launch,” said de Moraes. “According to Bluefin Labs, Trendrr.TV and Social Guide, Duck Dynasty also had more activity across social-media platforms Wednesday night than American Idol.”

But for Morrissey, it was an easy decision. He regularly stands up for what he believes in, and animal rights is at the top of that list.

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“Morrissey is well-known as an animal rights campaigner — the kind of guy who insists that Los Angeles’ Staples Center be a meat-free zone the night of his performance, and who refers to the Robertsons as ‘animal serial killers,'” said de Moraes.

The Duck Dynasty debut had about 6 million more viewers than Jimmy Kimmel did last week, as well as more than most shows on broadcast TV. Jimmy Kimmel Live! had said the show would reschedule with Morrissey for a “non–Duck Dynasty” night, but after the bad blood between the two, it’s not certain if that will still happen.

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