Community recap: This means war

Oktoberfest, beer maidens, Nazi jokes, and World War II references. The Germans are ready to take over Greendale one study room at a time.

Community does Oktoberfest

The three Germans are back and up to their old tricks of world… I mean Greendale domination. Which is fine, no one’s really bothered, until they attempt to take over the study room. At first Annie (Scream 4’s Alison Brie) convinces the group to try to share with the controlling Germans, but when that fails Jeff declares war!

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The whole group stands as a united front against the Germans, until Abed makes a connection with one of his enemies. It turns out Carl is an Inspector Spacetime fan. But even his new friend can’t save the study group from getting demolished in its first battle. The group’s members are forced to hide in shame in a dark room to do their… studying? Or whatever they do. Also, Pierce (Chevy Chase) got electrocuted so it was a fun time.

A new strategy called “waking up early” is designed, executed and a complete failure as the Germans are a smart bunch and beat them to it. So, the gang goes to extremes and creates an Oktoberfest event where the girls walk around in adorable beer maiden outfits. Community will find any reason to put their cast in costumes every week and I love it.

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The gang manages to get the Germans in so much trouble that their campus privileges are taken away, which includes their use of the study room. However, what Jeff (The Soup’s Joel McHale) and those smarty pants didn’t see coming was German retaliation. The Germans convince the entire student body that the study group’s members are the real “Nazis” and now it’s all out war.

But there are so many against so few! As the group takes its sweet time to figure a way out of this sticky situation, it actually misses the history exam it was trying to study for! So, the group’s members decide to be the bigger people and apologize. And with that the Greendale’s World War II ended and the study group was able to reclaim its territory.

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Let’s not forget that Chang is back and suffering from amnesia! Dean Pelton thinks it’s all just an act, but Chang actually admits himself into a mental institution. If he is acting, then he has an impressive level of commitment to his performance!

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